Our SMB provides high-impact web design solutions for leading corporate houses, as well as for B2B, B2C, and e-Business & e-Commerce portals - creating the perfect brand image in terms of fast-loading, feature-rich & compelling Web presence. Each Website is a custom creation that mirrors a unique corporate identity and integrates specific business objectives. Whether you require a Flash-powered site; need a database-driven e-commerce interface or look for corporate image branding, we will develop a striking and effective Website that complements your business objectives and ensures a better reach-out

From conceptualization through to implementation and testing, we offer best-in-class web design solutions/services to create a visually appealing and truly effective communication platform - featuring the perfect blend of information, functionality and aesthetics. Our website design services ensure the seamless integration of a smooth-functioning technological back-end with an attractive, user-friendly front and pay meticulous attention to several quality parameters such as relevant content; easy navigation; user functionality; consistency in overall layout/look-and-feel; quality of execution, and speed & efficiency of the Website.

Web design services include:
» Visualization
» Conceptualization
» Content Development
» HTML Coding
» Graphic Designing
» Flash Presentation & Animation
» Java Scripting
» Audio & Video Integration

Understanding your requirements
We, specialize in quality web design solutions, flawless development & implementation; and cost-effective maintenance while developing W3C compatible Websites to impact your target audience. We will analyze your business needs; select the most suitable tools & technologies and build cost-effective systems which ensure both aesthetics & functionality. A detailed discussion regarding your project also helps us determine specific requirements such as number of Web pages, number of custom graphics/animations and level of interactivity desired (online ordering, search engines, chat rooms etc.). Subsequently, we identify the ideal Website design tools & technical solutions that will make your Web presence a roaring success.

Website Design & Development
Sample layouts are initially prepared to provide a fair idea of the look, feel and functionality of the Website. Once it matches the creative expectations and business goals of the client, we will develop the entire Website and implement the required functionalities. We employ latest multimedia technologies; cutting-edge graphic tools; globally accepted software development standards and an exacting PMM (project management methodology) to ensure complete success of the project. Our core skills for web design include:
Macromedia Flash Dreamweaver Gif Animator
Illustrator Adobe Premier Java Applets
DHTML XML Adobe Photoshop
Director Sound Edit Java Scripts
Style Sheets Microsoft Front Page Adobe Acrobat

Web Testing & Publishing During testing & publishing, we provide a fully functional site and also test each feature/module. At this stage, modifications can be made and changes can be implemented in case these are required. It is then published on a Web host and goes live for the global audience.

Quality traffic
Your Website should reflect the right blend of aesthetics, information and functionality to attract visitors and convey your goals/objectives. Here’s what we offer to generate quality traffic:

  • Cool, clear and sharp design
  • Great functionality
  • Powerful, persuasive content
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast-loading pages
Brand enhancement
Websites optimized for major search engines rank high and draw quality traffic when people search for your kind of products/services with the help of a search engine. It is cost effective too, as returns on SEO investments beat banner ads/other online promotions by a long shot.

Cost nosedive
An effective Web presence helps promote corporate identity and advertise products/services on the World Wide Web in the most cost-effective way. Providing latest and user-specific content on the Website also saves valuable time that you might have spent in faxing/phone calls/sending mail messages etc.

Better loyalty level
Raising the loyalty of your clients, partners, dealers & suppliers has never been so easy before. Delivering accountable services through interactive tools helps establish user buy-ins and makes visitors belong to the site.