We know that it is impossible to have a unified approach to every outsourcing project. Large projects must have higher level of processes' maturity and internal complexity than small ones that can have no formal processes at all and still be very successful. Since our establishment we have been using a wide set of well known software development methodologies and others depending on customer requirements. We believe that ours is a truly customer oriented company, so the idea is to be as much flexible and transparent for our clients as possible. We understand that it is much easier for a client to work with a software development outsourcing vendor if it can tailor its processes to the form acceptable for the client, than to work with a company that demands to adjust client's processes just to follow some internal standard.

We adopt our project methodologies to the needs of our clients making our processes homogeneous with the existing ones, thus assimilating into client's working environment. We can spread our expertise in process engineering to our clients to adjust their software development process to the most efficient variant.

Clear project requirements are the key point to be successful in offshore software development project. Offshore team must know exactly what client wants to have at the end of the project. In some cases it is very difficult for a client to provide an offshore team with specifications detailed enough. At Bharati Web Services we assign local Business Analyst to convert customer needs into software development specifications. The Analyst is a gate between offshore software development team and client.

Our abilities in dealing with complex problems in IT business, in structuring our thinking and in reaching reasonable conclusions with the available facts and effective work done are critical for our company as a software development services provider. Looking at our case studies our clients are able to witness how we think about issues that arise and what kind of a business partner we can be. .

Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Our Tech Lab constantly conducts research on new technology products to meet the ever-growing customer needs.

We have vigorous practice to make sure that we are doing our job prosperously. Many our copartners say that dealing with us is valuable and informative for them as well as in helping them not only assess their business strengths and weaknesses but also define their professional goals.