One of our main advantages is that we are 100% client oriented company, so each project will be executed as customer wants it or else our consultants will propose a fitting model of its execution. Usually we pass the following steps approaching a new project:

  • Understanding your business and your process
  • It is a crucial point for us to understand your process. It is also the key point for many customers to have the similar process when working with an offshore/offsite team as with your own one. Our consultants and managers will discuss all aspects to be considered during interaction establishment with you. For reaching a win-win outcome it is important to know how you manage requirements, perform tests, manage configurations, etc. We need to define reporting terms and templates, ways of parties access to project repositories and generally which system to use for configuration management and version control, define change & defect management system and so on.

  • Definition of points of contact
  • It is important to know for each side to which person address which questions. We provide our clients with 3 main project contacts: Project Manager (email, Skype, MSN, ICQ, Phone, Mobile), Project Manager Backup, Project Supervisor (Account Manager, someone from company top management).

  • Pilot evaluation, process adjustment
  • Before you get involved into a large and expensive project, we recommend you to test drive with an execution of a pilot project. This pilot project will demonstrate the quality and ease of outsourcing, and will prepare both sides to work on larger and more complex projects.

  • Defining Teaming Agreement
  • Teaming agreement is a formal document which defines all aspects of sides interaction, level of services, terms of payments etc. Standard template can be used for that purpose or we can tailor it to the specific needs of a project.